Tuesday, October 1, 2019

America Sand Bar to Paducah

Up early today, around 5:30, for a tentative 6:30 departure. Tentative because we needed to check the AIS and see just how many boats were locking through at Olmstead. Russ even gave the lock a quick call. Lock master didn't have anything obviously troublesome so we headed out. We did have to wait an hour while he locked a tow down before locking us up. But we'd heard some folk waited three hoursn here. We felt a bit lucky. Although I do dislike standing still for any length of time. My impatience.

Sunset on the Ohio
As you can see by the map the Ohio wasn't too windy and twisty on this end. Not only was the water calm but you could see for miles. Warm air, sunny skies, all making for a wonderful trip.

The only excitement happened when we passed a tow on the two (the left). No problems with that. But a tow boat crossing the river made a massive dash for us. I waited for a hail, since I would have happily stopped for him, but he slowed down, then jammed across between As You Wish and us. We'd overheard someone on the radio yesterday say, "Never slow down a workin' man." Might be a river rule.

Calm Ohio waters all day
A couple of years ago Paducah put in a little city dock. Nothing major. It only will hold a dozen boats, but it's perfect for loopers. We appreciate it.

Which begs the question of why more cities (I'm looking at you, St. Louis!) don't do something similar.
The tug zipped between As You Wish and us

Paducah City Dock. What more do you need?

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