Thursday, October 24, 2019

Dog River

We've parked the boat for a week at the Dog River Marina while we rent a car and take some time to visit New Orleans. Our Nebo decided we were on a voyage. It lasted about 15 minutes. And was flawless, by the way.

When I walked through the door I laughed. The place is enormous, and with the vaulted 15 foot ceilings it looks overwhelming, especially since we live in roughly 1/5 the square footage. We have two bathrooms that, when I lived here, I felt were too small. Now they look huge, compared to the facilities on the boat.

We came home like college students. 3 bags of laundry.
Driving here was very weird. I told Russ I was likely to cry pitifully not to get back on the boat. This is really a nifty city -- bizarre, cacophonous, and occasionally dangerous, but truly unique. Was a time when we'd visit for weeks at a time, just to be sure we could do all the things we loved to do here. 

I confess, the election threw us for a loop. We felt we needed to go someplace where folks had a shared political ideology. Almost immediately I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and we couldn't flee New Orleans fast enough. It wasn't so much that the medical selection here lacked (although it did) but we knew it would be world class in San Francisco. Serendipitously, our condo in SF lost its tenant. So we left NOLA.

Aftermath of the Hard Rock collapse.
Only in New Orleans...
The song goes, "You don't know what it means to miss New Orleans." It's unlike any other city in the US. That said, there's always another condo. So after walking through our front door, and ogling the spaciousness and incredible presentation of the place, I'm still in favor of selling it.

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