Monday, October 14, 2019

Aqua Yacht to Whitten Lock

Fog dampened our departure. When we woke around 5:45 it wasn't so bad, but as the morning progressed, so did the thickening of the cloud. It didn't clear off until close to 10 am, which is when we headed out.

On April 28 we crossed the Ablemarle Sound, which was our first experience with sizable waves, 3 - 4 footers. Once done we ended up  in Elizabeth City and sat on beanbag chairs under our bimini's shade, recovering. Martha and John, also parked on the wall after the crossing, walked by and saw us. They asked us to lunch and we joined them.

We'd been traveling with them more-or-less ever since. Almost 6 months later we part ways. They are headed east to see some friends and take a trip home. We are headed south. We'll meet on the Gulf somewhere, since we both plan on wintering in Florida. We will miss their insights, conversation, and company.

Cat-n-Dogs from the Dam Recreational Park
Midway was our plan today. It was only 50 miles from Aqua so should have been totally doable, but... locks, donchano. When we were about 5 miles out from Whitten (the first of three that stand between us and Midway) we heard a boat ahead of us hail the lock. They were about to lock a tow down, and it hadn't gotten into the chamber yet. The lock master told them it would be a couple of hours.

That in and of itself wouldn't have been the problem. The problem was that tow was going our way, so after we'd lock through, he'd be in or near the next lock, causing that to back up as well. And all that was looking like a nighttime arrival, which I am personally dead set against.

So, we anchored out near the lock. Wonderful anchorage, as they go, with a little state park meant for fishermen so it had a handy dock for the dogs. 

We'll see how things are in the morning. We'll check the AIS, see if there are any tows about, and call the lockmaster for a quick exit. Assuming of course it isn't crazy foggy... or thundering...
As we took a picture of As You Wish heading eastward...

...they took a picture of us. Fare thee well.

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