Friday, October 18, 2019

Sumter Landing to Demopolis

Nebo continues to have problems with long pauses,
like we get when we're waiting for locks. Thus, Google.
'Twas a chilly night last night, lows around 45 degrees. That made for a nippy dinghy ride to walk the dogs first thing, but we managed, even in the dark. Four other boats shared our anchorage, and all of us headed out just after 7 am. Only to wait and hour for a tow headed down before us.

... sigh ...

On the plus side, it was the only lock today. Once done we all headed out to Demopolis.

A tropical storm, now named Nestor, formed today right near New Orleans. It's supposed to move across the Florida panhandle Saturday, so when we travel Sunday it shouldn't be an issue.

Interesting twists on the river today.
Some folks are stuck here until November 1. They have insurance policies that won't cover them below this lattitude until then. Ours is different -- we pay a higher premium for any damage done in a named storm. And, no, not a Weather Channel named storm, a NOAA named one.

We passed several tows and a dredge on the journey today. One tow had us wait until he made a few turns until there was a straighter section of river. Otherwise, it was a great trip with few delays.
I had no idea Alabama had such lovely elevations

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