Sunday, October 13, 2019

A day in Iutz

Can't see the land from our boat. It's not that far!
We decided to stay a day here at the Aqua Marina (Safe Harbor Aqua Marina) for a couple of reasons. They have courtesy vans, which is always a looper plus. Typically you can reserve one for a couple of hours, but if 2 boaters use it at the same time, you can double the use. So Martha and John (As You Wish) and April (One Eye Dog) and us all got together and took the van our for groceries. We did make a quick stop at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast, first.

But another reason to stay was we woke to dense fog. About as dense as what we had in Chicago, but we hadn't had any since then. I hope it isn't a harbinger of weather to come.

Sunrise, trying to get through the soup
The evening was spent with Martha and John at the marina's restaurant. Tomorrow they'll leave to go eastward, heading to Chattanooga. They've decided not to try to get all the way there, since it's at least a 7 day travel, one way. But we're heading south to Mobile. We probably won't see them again until somewhere below Alabama or Florida.

We drank a toast to the Gulf.
My phone can't take a good moon pic.
Trust me, it was amazing.

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