Saturday, October 12, 2019

Clifton to Aqua Marina

Way back in May we had a miserable day on the Chesapeake Bay. After that I made a "go/no-go" list which was made up of 5 points -- wind, wave, sun, temp, and tide -- and if two of those were not in my favor the day was a no-go.

I'm happy to say the list got shorter. I no longer care about temperature. It was 43 degrees when we started the day and it was wonderfully comfortable in the fly. The new canvas and strataglass work amazingly well. We ran a small space heater for about 10 minutes. Then the sun did the rest. Both of us were in shorts most of the day due to the heat. Blissfully warm. 

Now my list is:

  • Wind (less than 15, preferably less than 10)
  • Wave (2 feet or less, unless the period is long, like 8 seconds)
  • Sun (I prefer it)
  • Tide (Watch when you're coming and going, tide can make for tricky docking)

We did have to come up through Pickwick Lock today, which took about an hour to get through. That was enough to convince Nebo (the software that tracks our voyages) that we were done. I tacked on the rest, which was another hour.

With the exception of a current, which got stronger as we approached the dam slowing us down to a painful crawl, the trip was wonderful. The river is quite lovely.
Blue skies, calm waters, cool scenery

Grumpy Blue Heron on striated rock.

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