Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Two nights in Columbus

Here's us on the fuel dock. The channel markers are
circled in green. The channel is red. Skinny, eh?
Given we got in so late yesterday we'd planned on spending 2 nights here. That gave us some time to do laundry and some shopping. The Columbus marina has a courtesy car, and a Walmart and Petsmart are not far. And since we came in after 6 pm, they had us just tie up on the fuel dock. We were told we'd be put someplace else in the morning. Dandy.

But our day started pretty early when  knock came on our door at 6:30.  

See the new canvas-enclosed fly deck?
I realized I didn't have a good pic.
See, the floods here this past spring were tremendous. The waters were so high it flooded the ship store, which is in a stilted building. The manager here said he'd never seen anything like it. When the waters receded, however, the silting was equally tremendous. They had to dredge out a small channel to get boats into and out of the marina. The "channel" goes right by the fuel dock, which we were parked on. So the knock on the door was a request to move.

We assessed it the night before, worried someone would leave or arrive in the dark and we were in the way. But we are just out of the channel. But just I mean our bow is on a red marker.

Moreover, the winds were up and pushing our way. The boaters (7 of them) paraded by us as I watched from the bow, ready to fend off if need be. But everyone made it with ample space to spare.

This is the galley. On the floor is a gallon of engine oil.
It's a looper thing.
We fueled up but the winds were enough that everyone, including the manager, didn't want us to move until things settled. That took a couple of hours, but the wind died down, the skies cleared, and the air warmed up a bit. It turned into a lovely day.

And we move right around the corner to boot. 

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