Sunday, October 20, 2019

Demopolis to Coffeeville

Longer day today. The goal was to get to Coffeeville, and specifically Bobby's Fish Camp, which is a restaurant/RV park/boat dock. 

Only one lock needed to be traversed today, and it was right at the start. We called them first thing in the morning, around 6:30. They gave us a green light to proceed, and five boats left immediately. (I did bump a piling pretty hard on leaving, which was the first time in a LONG time -- daggumit!) 

While largely heading south,
the river winds like this.
Mother Nature, WTH?
A quick note about Demopolis: We had a number of run-ins with the dockmaster there, enough that we nicknamed her "Il Duce". But the lockmaster was equally, how to put it... authoritarian. We had to give him our names, our registration numbers, we were called into the lock one at a time, we were warned not to wake, and told to notify him when we were secured. Maybe there's something in the water, here.

Trip was long but uneventful. The day started quite gloomy, on the verge of being foggy, but cleared into a lovely day.

Upon reaching Bobby's we knew our options were tie up at the fuel dock or raft onto a 45 Carver called Hey Coach. We wanted to do the former, but a boat hailed from behind us (we thought he'd anchored earlier but changed his mind). He was a 60+ foot boat, and that would be tough to raft to a smaller vessel. So we gave him the dock, and we sidled nice and slow next to the Carver.

A damn fine parking job if I do say so myself.

Also, I got to take a nap on the way. Good day!

PS: We have exactly one more lock to get through tomorrow. And THAT IS IT for the loop. It's the last one until we get a gold looper flag. WOW!!!!

One tool we use is AquaMaps, which shows us depth
information in the channel. But this was from the Spring
after floods. We seriously need to update the data,
because that is just terrifying.
Some fall colors here in the south
Eating fried catfish at Bobby's. The boats are behind the trees.
Also, we're back in the land of Spanish Moss.

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