Sunday, October 28, 2018

So it begins

Having bough houses and RVs in the past, buying a boat is much more like the former. There are inspections that need to happen (called a survey) and a sea trial, a bit of performance testing to ensure that, in fact, the thing don't sink.

One should never buy a boat in a rush. And yet, that's exactly what we did. We decided we wanted to do the Great Loop in 2019, which means starting the voyage from Florida needs to happen around February or March. By then, we'd like to be a bit savvy about boating, never having really done it before. So, we dashed off and boat a boat in just a few weeks time. I will post pics in the next few posts.

As I type we're madly packing up our condo in New Orleans. We're trying to rent it furnished. Meanwhile, we will need to get to SF somehow, and do the same, only moving out to rent it vacant.

We've never owned a boat before, and our experience on the seas is pretty limited. We've done a couple of cruises, we've rented pontoon boats and jet skis on Lake Meade, but none of that is a good guide to truly owning. We get that. And we've already promised each other that we should give it a good few months before making any decisions, but saying, "No, I don't like this," is perfectly acceptable.

I sincerely hope I'll just love it. I'm confident he will.

Not ours anymore

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