Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Green Turtle Bay to Duncan Bay

We're making our way south. We have reservations at Aqua, a marina about 10 miles beyond the Pickwick Lock, for Saturday. That give us 3 days to get there. A cold front is coming Friday which might put a damper on things. No one wants to boat on a cold, rainy day.

On our port side as we head south is a park called The Land Between The Lakes. When we RV'd we stopped there a couple of times. Lovely area, so we thought we'd anchor out near there for the next few days.

We'd been waffling over going to Chattanooga or not while at GTB. We do like Chattanooga, and have been there a number of times. Then we had a looper gathering at one of the restaurants in the resort. 30 boats were there, so the place had over 60 people. It was loud and bustling, and most of them were headed to Chattanooga. Which convinced us not to go. We really like the looper thing, but it's been crowded for a while now. Time to just head south.
Just a wee bit of fog in the morning.

We left GTB late, around 11 am. The day was short, but we wanted to do a little kayaking and dinghy-ing while the day is warm. 

They are getting shorter, those days. Everywhere we go there are reminders that the holidays are quickly approaching. The dogs have 2 of the 3 walks in the dark. Ugh.
A glimpse of the land between the lakes

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