Friday, January 3, 2020

Seriously, the end...

Well, the caveat is that we haven't sold the boat yet, so there may be other adventures that await her.

In the meantime, I have my new blog up and running. If you want to follow our current travels (which are on hold until some upgrades are done) you can find it here.

She wears the yellow burgee. At least for now.
We've had a NEMA system that tracked various data, like our speed, our pitch (front and back up and down) and roll (side to side up and down). It gets displayed in a graph; blue is speed, green is pitch, and red is roll.

Below is how that data looks from the gulf crossing. You can see that when we slowed down (and it was rough, which is why we did) the pitch and roll worsened. The peak on the red was over 10 degrees on either side. Once we could speed up, things calmed down. 

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