Thursday, October 17, 2019

Columbus to Sumter Landing (anchorage)

Having planned an early departure depending on the lock -- the very first thing we need to get through -- Richard of Avalon hailed the lockmaster at 6:30. Yep, locking down a tow now, should be ready to go in 30 minutes. Perfect.

We led the small flotilla of 7 boats, only to wait at the lock... and wait... and wait. Apparently, once in the lock the tow decided to do some engine maintenance so couldn't leave once the doors were open. By the time he moved and the lock was turned, we waited roughly an hour to get into it.

But, it was only one of two locks today, so the going should be good. We all hit the river at different speeds, sorting ourselves into the fastest (someone going 20 knots) to slowest (so slow they missed the 2nd lock with us). 

About an hour in we heard some chatter on the radio -- a tow having run aground. Then the 20 knot boat hailed a tow asking where should he go, and the answer was, "Stay there." Sure enough, we turn the corner and see a tow manipulating his barges, trying to put them back together, one of which was smack in the middle of the channel. After 45 minutes of scurrying, pushing, pulling, turning around then push again, nope that broke a line, turn around again, the tow boat was able to nudge the stuck barge aside. He then called for all the PCs to come on by. I thanked him as we went by. The other's wished him luck, which just seemed a little like rubbing salt in the wound to me. This was clearly not his best day.

In front of the boat (left) you can see the barge sideways, blocking the channel.
We can't go to the left of it because then we'd be aground.
Pretty boats on anchor at dusk
Got to and through the second lock without much issue and arrived at our anchorage around 4 pm.

Oh, and there's a tropical storm heading for New Orleans. That's not far from us now...
Great sunset tonight

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