Friday, October 11, 2019

Pebble Isle to Clifton

Rain was predicted today. Thunderstorms possible. Lightning isn't a great thing when you're on the water. In hopes of beating the weather we headed out early, around 7 am. Another longer day, about 52 nm this time to Clifton.

Throughout the day the skies were stirred. Sometimes dark, sometimes cloudy with the occasional sun break. The air was warm, in the mid-70s, largely due to the southern wind which again dampened our progress. We could see the heaviest of the storm to the west of us. While it was coming our way it mostly moved north. And we moved south, hoping to miss the brunt of it.

Just as we were coming into the marina the rain started. Getting into the Clifton marina is a little tricky, since the channel is extremely narrow and shallow. Our depth gauge read 6 ft at one point. 

Due to the weather (everyone trying to beat the rain) 4 boats arrived at the marina at the same time. Given the skinny channel, and the tight space within the small marina, we could only come in one at a time. We came in first. The marina didn't have a radio (?!) so Russ acted as traffic director, telling boats when they could enter and where they were supposed to go. Conveniently, once all four boats were docked, the skies opened and poured down buckets.

A cold front is coming tonight. Tomorrow will be a very cold day.

Interesting banks on the Tennessee River

Lots of cool canyons and walls

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