Thursday, October 10, 2019

Duncan Bay to Pebble Isle

As miles go, it wasn't the longest traveled day we'd experienced. Only 54. In fact, when we had some "tiny beers" with Martha and John, we chatted about the longest day, concluding the run from Atlantic City to New York was our longest yet. That was over 10 hours. Today was only 8.

But it seemed really long. Largely because the wind was coming from the south, and we were heading south. In addition to the current, which isn't much, we fought with the wind. That slowed our pace a bit.

And since the lake is a narrow thing running north and south, we had a bit of a ride throughout most of the day. Nothing major, but 1-2 footers on the nose. A bit bumpy.

Lastly, and probably the most impactful, are the shorter days. It feels like a long day when you're docking as the sun is setting. Oy. Not looking forward to traveling in the winter.

All that said the ride was uneventful. Docking was a little tricky, as the wind came up pushing me away from the dock as I was trying to sidle up next to it. Roaring engines, churned mud. But we got it done.
We do see some odd things. Clearly this was something
before they flooded the land to make the lake in the 1940s.
The maps only said "Water Farm."

Martha also pointed out that Green Turtle Bay was the mid-way point between Chicago and Mobile. WOW.

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