Monday, October 28, 2019

Dog River to Fairhope

The little bump in the middle was us avoiding a tanker.
Just a jog across the Mobile Bay.

We woke this morning in New Orleans. We packed and headed out right around 8 am, got to Mobile around 10:30, where we took the rental back to the airport with the aid of a courtesy van. By the time we got to the boat is was just about noon. We had some sandwiches, started the engines, and dashed our way across Mobile Bay to Fairhope, a 90 minute ride. Nice easy way to start back into the whole boating thing.

Mobile is in the distance on the other side of the bay
We'd been to Fairhope before, back when we RV'd. Cute little town, lots of restaurants. We're docked the boat at the Fairhope Yacht Club, which is just off the bay. 

Someone had recommended to us about a month ago that we join the Marsh Harbor Yacht club. It's in the Bahamas, but there isn't an actual marina or building. It's all on paper, which makes it pretty cheap as yacht clubs go. No real maintenance. And a nifty burgee (flag) to boot.

The real benefit is that some yacht clubs honor other yacht club memberships, so you get a discount. FYC it one such place. With our discount it was cheaper than Dog River. 

Gonna start seeking these places out, now!

The Marsh Harbor Yacht Club burgee.

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