Friday, October 4, 2019

What's to do in Paducah?

This post is a couple of days old, largely because I got lazy and didn't do it the day we spent in Paducah. It turns out the little town is has a good bit to offer. We enjoyed a great bakery (Kirchhoff's), visited a couple of brewerys, and walked the cute historic downtown. But -- and everyone will tell you -- the thing to do in Paducah is visit the National Quilt Museum.

I'll wait here until your done laughing.

No, really, it was just amazing. I'll let the pictures tell the tale. But if you're ever in Paducah, it's mind-blowing.

Okay, this is stained glass. Of a quilt. And I thought amazing.

A tribute to 9-11. The towers (11) are made up from
tiny squares, one for each who perished.

Yes, a quilt. Below is a bit of detail.

A quilt about quilts.

This one stunned me. I asked how long it took the artist to make.
No one knew, but other (less complicated) works took 2.5 years.
Below is another bit is detail. Hand stitched, by the way.

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