Sunday, July 14, 2019

Trenton to Frankford

Heading north now, on the famed Trent-Severn Waterway!

Being more laid back, the Canadian locks don't open until 9 am. Our buddy boat and United 771 both wanted to pump out before heading out, so they queued up for that just past 8 am. We, on the other hand, started engines around 8:15, then puttered at 2.5 knots up to the first lock, arriving five minutes before they opened. As we hung out we realized we were alone. Listening to the radio it became clear there were problems at the pump-out, and they only had one attendant. We locked through the first six locks ourselves, while a cluster of four boats locked through behind us. 

It was made clear to us that they wanted boats to tie up on the starboard side in the locks, especially these first few. So to fit the four boats in, they rafted them together. 

Five out the six locks were difficult for us to get out of. We kept getting pinned back on the wall. It took us several attempts at each of the locks to leave the chamber. Tying up on the wall just after lock 6, on the other hand, was trivial.

On the wall in Frankford

Four boats locking through.

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