Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Lakefield to Buckhorn

One advantage of parking above the lock (that means going through it the night before, then stopping) is that you can leave first thing in the morning. The locks don't open until 9 am, so if you park below them you're waiting for the operators to get going.

We headed out this morning around 7 am. It was about an hour long ride to the next lock, but we like moving early, especially on sunny, warm days. We ate cereal on the way. We'd have to wait there for an hour or so, but we could walk the dogs and talk to neighbors.

Besides, one of our looper pals on United 771 was having tooth pain and had a dentist appointment in Bobcageon, beyond our destination. We thought we'd be his placeholder if he got there on time. They just missed the first lock, but caught up with us on the next one. As You Wish and we just moved aside and let them get going.

One of the crazier channel ways. Between the rocks!
The plan was to tie up at the wall in Buckhorn. Once we got to that lock, however, we were told there was only space for one. Due to other boats joining us as we traveled, Cat-n-Dogs got bumped to the back. As You Wish parked on the wall.

We arrived around 1 pm, and were given a spot below the lock. Houseboats lined the walls above. Apparently, vacationers pick up their boats on Monday in Bobcageon, but only travel a small distance or anchor out. Then they start to spread out over the Trent-Severn Waterways, swimming, fishing, and vacationing, and they clog the nearest town walls on Tuesday. Which is today. 

Houseboats everywhere
John and Martha (crew of As You Wish) had our backs. They asked some folks to tighten up, move a bit, then had us come up and take the spot in front of them. We locked through and, with their help and the aid of the lock worker, squeezed Cat-n-Dogs into a spot on the wall.

With about a foot to spare on either side.
Parked her like a boss!

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