Friday, July 19, 2019

Hastings to Peterborough

Way back in Trenton we had the opportunity to pump out. At the time we didn't really need to and pump outs are not free in Canada like they typically are in the US. So, by stretching out our use we can get by with fewer of them. Besides, the pump out was so packed when we left Trenton, if you recall, we locked through by ourselves without our friends.

But pump-out options are limited. The next one was Hastings, and the one after that was Peterborough. When Russ did the research it looked like the Peterborough was more expensive. Moreover, as we got closer, word came down that it was broken. So, Hastings. But we didn't get in until late yesterday (picking up the pug, lots of waiting at locks, yadda yadda yadda), so it was our first thing to do this morning.

Lovely day on Rice Lake.
As you'd expect, we weren't the only ones needing this service. Once the establishment was open at 9 am, another boat was ahead of us.

The weather apps and news were mixed for the day. While some said moderate, warm, high humidity, others said thunderstorms. We attempted to get along as quickly as possible, just in case, but we didn't get underway until nearly 10 am.

We only had one lock today, right at the end, Lock 19. The rest of the day was either on the lake or the twisty river, all of which was very pretty. And we could move a bit faster than we had been. We made up for some lost time.

This is frequently how we're represented
in our auto-pilot navigation. We can never
get the "little boat" to point our direction.
One of the cool locks is coming up, Lock 21. We're planning on being here through the weekend (largely to avoid the avid weekenders who rent house boat and jet skis and don't know how to drive them). We plan a hike to "the lift" to film it -- you have to see it to believe it.

A bit of "turnabout being fair play" -- recall we lost a lock due to a broken boat getting underway? We traveled most the day with Impulse Power (who pumped out as well), and passed them on the lake. When we to the lock a boat was already in it, waiting for us. As luck would have it, only two boats would fit. So, today, Impulse Power had to wait.

I love it when the universe plays evensies.

The lock wall at Hastings, now empty but for one boat.

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