Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Clayton to Heart Island

We took a ride around the castle, then
came back to anchor.
Between Canada Day (July 1st) and the 4th of July, the waterways between to two countries are filled with holiday boaters. The trip, while short, was bouncy, with tiny boats scurrying to avoid us and beefy speed boats waking the Beetlejuice out of us. 

The destination was a touristy one, Boldt Castle on Heart Island. First, you can tour the place, which we all thought would be cool. And tomorrow night there will be holiday fireworks above it. While As You Wish and Cat-n-Dogs are alone in this bay (on anchor, first time since Atlantic City), we're told there may be as many as 500 boats here tomorrow. Oh, yes, I will take pictures of that.

We have the Pudgy Pug in the water now with her new electric (and crazy quiet) motor. Russ is toodle-ing it about, getting a feel for it. Also, looking for a place to walk the dogs.

Cat-n-Dogs next to a passing freighter. We so tiny!
The most amazing thing about this journey was the "Oh, wow!" comments Russ and I made along the way. See, they had a crazy amount of rain here this past year, including that little burst last week that closed the Oswego Canal. Lake Ontario, as big as it is, is 3 - 4 feet above it's normal level. Everything here is flooding, including boat houses and some homes. It's astounding to see, like some of the flood movies when hurricanes hit.

All this water is moving out to the Atlantic ocean but it isn't quick. Gonna be a rough summer for some of these folks.

Transient docks are underwater

Sandbags everywhere, trying to keep things dry

That corner is a restaurant's deck

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