Sunday, July 7, 2019

Mulcaster Island to Gananoque

Pronounced "Gan-ah-nah-kway." They have a slogan about how to pronounce the name: There's the right way, the wrong way, and the Gananoque.

Short ride, only 5 miles. We hoisted the anchor around 11 am and arrived close to noon. Stern in, starboard tie, in a slip we share with another boat, and a decent breeze coming off the dock.

Parked her like a boss!
If you look close you can see cleats peeking up from the
waterline, just a clue there's a dock there.

Gananoque is a very cute town, worthy of a couple of days. Sadly we'll be heading out early tomorrow. Lizzie has a doctor's appointment in Trenton on Thursday (got a bleeding sore on her belly that I just don't like). That means getting the Kingston tomorrow. Such is boater life.

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