Monday, July 15, 2019

Frankford to Campbellford

We continue our tour of little known places in Ontario.

Another couple heading our way on a vessel they named Subject to Change asked if they could join us for dinner. We ate at a little Italian place in Frankford and discussed the travel ahead. Having learned that the locks are 110 feet long and only 32 feet wide, us four boats wanting to continue up stream were not going to fit in a lock together. And the two longest boats (United 771 and Subject to Change) couldn't fit in at the same time. So we divided ourselves into two groups, one shorter boat and one longer boat. The only fly in that ointment was that Subject still had to get through lock 6. There was no room for her where we were, so the lock master had them tie up below to lock through first thing in the morning. Which is 9 am.

Much of the day looked a lot like this. Quite lovely.
We agreed that United and As You Wish head out in time to make the next lock right when they opened. Cat-n-Dogs would wait for Subject

They keep the lock filled over the night, so the easiest thing for the lock folks to do was take some boats down first (two were heading that way). Only then would they bring up Subject. While the first two boats headed out at 8 am, we didn't get underway until 9:30.

Another six locks to do and a longer day of travel given the lack of towns in this part of Ontario. Four of the locks were clustered at the end of the trip, one of which was a double lock. That was incredible. You pull into the lower lock, facing a massive door ahead of you. They raise you up about half-way, then you move into a second chamber and get raised a second time. Total lift of 48 feet.

A giant two-nie! That's Russ below it.
We continued to struggle a bit getting off the lock walls to leave. Although we think we have a strategy, where I move the bow out first and Russ, from the swim platform in the back, pushes us away from the wall. Worked well in the last lock. I'm sure we'll perfect it before we're done.

All four boats arrived in Campbellford without incident. We plan to stay a couple of nights at least. Weather is coming.

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  1. These locks & how it’s all handled is amazing! What the heck is a two-me?


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