Monday, July 8, 2019

Gananoque to Kingston

We left around 8 am, heading westward to Kingston. Given it was supposed to be a pretty ride (and it was) we took the Bateau channel; smaller so no commercial traffic. Lovely temp (mid-60s), sunny, windless. Very good ride, without any incidents.

Meanwhile, friends of mine from Ottawa, Jason and Chris, were on the 8:30 am train to Kingston. We were racing to see who'd get there first. We won, but only by a few minutes. They texted within 15 minutes saying they'd reached the harbor.

We all went to lunch then explored Fort Henry.

Trust me, that's not true!
This was very interesting, the fort. I'd been to a number now, the one in Oswego (Fort Ontario) being the most recent, and St. Augustine before that. In America, while no longer run by the military, these are kept more or less "as is." Rooms are staged to look like they did in by-gone days, and plaques describe what had happened and who had been there. Mostly you explore damp tunnels and bare structures, with the exception of a small gift shop for tourist chachkies. Fort Henry had some of that, but most of it was commercial. The row of rooms that held munitions, for example, were now stores and eateries. More over, for a few dollars, you too could fire a real, authentic, antique 1867 Canadian rifle. No joke.

Anyway, we had a wonderful afternoon and hung out on the boat until they needed to catch their train back.

For my food homies, at lunch we had brick-fired pizza at Wooden Heads (the calamari app was amazing), and at dinner, a Beyond Burger at the Kingston Brewing Company. I can never remember to pic my food, only devour it.

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  1. The day was great fun, great sights, and, above all, great company. Many thanks to you guys for hosting us and best wishes for the next leg of your journey!


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