Friday, July 5, 2019

Heart Island to Mulcaster Island

Oh! Canada!

We have officially boated to another country. As soon as our anchor dropped we contacted the Canadian authorities and told them we were here. After some Q & A they gave us a number to stick on the boat to show we were welcomed. It's a good feeling.

The trip here was lovely. First we left our anchorage and scooted across the channel to the town of Alexandria Bay. We needed a few supplies for another couple of days on the hook. Beer, to be exact. Like everywhere else, most of the docks were either under water or at the water line (which makes docking an issue, since you can't put fenders down to protect the boat -- there's nothing there to bounce off of). The only dock that we could use was the gas dock, which we hated to do since we didn't need gas. 

Boats starting to gather for the fireworks over the castle.
By nightfall there were nearly 200.
We're told it's been as many as 500.
I parked us on the far end of the dock, trying to keep as much of it open to anyone who did need fuel. Russ quickly jumped off the boat and headed into the town. I harnessed up one of the dogs to take her to shore (she didn't do all her business earlier), and as I was leaving the dock master approached, asking if we needed gas. I said no, and he said we couldn't be here. I apologized and said my husband was out looking for some provisions and as soon as he got back we'd be gone. "What are you looking for?" "Beer," I answered. And immediately his demeanor changed, as if that was an understood necessity on the water. He told me were to go to get a decent selection (which I promptly shared with Russ), and that we could take our time. Once Russ came back -- the hunt victorious -- we chatted some more. We parted as friends.

That's when I set the NEBO, which is why the map starts at a marina. We'd been on the hook just outside Boldt Castle for the last 2 days.

The only adventure we had was on the Canadian side, right by the bridge. CRAZY currents rip through there. I swear I felt like I was managing white rapids.

Here's some pics of Boldt Castle, which was a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

The children's playhouse

Still too much water.

You can just see 2 bowling allies.
They are still renovating the place.

The servants' entrance

Castle and some grounds

The boat house, inaccessible due to the high water.

If you'd lived here, this is your view.

The power house, again, not tourable due
to the water. Both power and water for the
island came from here.

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