Saturday, July 13, 2019

Boat Names

A couple of swans and their swanlets, here in the marina
It's frustrates us a bit that almost no one gets our boat name. They get hung up on the cat part once they see the dogs. "Do you have a cat, too?" "This is the cat," we point to the boat. The light comes on and they smile. "I should have figured that out!" Very few do.

While it's traditionally bad luck to change the name of your boat but almost everyone on the loop has. Everyone has a story, or a favorite saying, or a joke to share. As You Wish came from the movie, of course. Initially they wanted to name it Inconceivable, but a looper already had something similar. Good thing, I think. I don't think you want to name a boat after something that indicates this isn't meant to be.

Meanwhile, we've met another looper on the boat Yes Dear.... Not as romantic as As You Wish, but the basic principle applies.

Lots of word play is done on boat names. The word "sea" is a common substitute, like Seaduction or Seas the Day. "Knot" is used in place of of "not." Love me Knot. More Often Than Knot. Even our boat was Knot for Sailing before we changed it.

One boat in Kingston (Canada) has a clever slogan: Friends in l'eau places. 

Parachuters (lower left), one leaving a red smoke trail.
Their chutes are Canadian flags.
Chasing Eighty (and Chasing 80, cuz 2 boats have the name). Not age. Temperature.

But when I see a boat named United 771, I had to ask how they came up with the name. They started the story with the line, "Neither of us were supposed to be on that flight that day."

Steve worked for a cookie company that supplies The Girl Scouts. He had an impromptu meeting in Milwaukee scheduled at the last minute. Cathy worked as an airline attendant, and decided to pick up some extra hours. He was on the tarmac (as they boarded using the stairs on the jetway), looking at his feet and the plane... then he looked up. He said to himself, right then and there, "I'm going to marry that woman." 202 days later, they were. And they'd been married for 26 years.


These are just random thought to keep my mind off of this:

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