Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Buckhorn to Bobcaygeon

Every time I hear the name of the place I laugh. It sounds like the name of some Louisiana car sales man. "I'M BOB CAJUN AND I'M MAKIN' DEALS FROM HERE TO ALABAMA! STOP ON BY 'CUZ I GOT CRZ I NEED TO MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!"

I suspect it's more of an amalgamation of names, like Texarkana, or Mexicali. There are two Bob channels, Big Bob and Little Bob, the Pigeon River, and lots of islands that some folks call cays. Just a guess, though.

The birds really liked THAT island.
Even the trees are white.
Looks like a long day from the map, but it was only a couple of hours. We left early and headed to a nearby marina to get some water. From there we started our day, but quickly had to stop. The boat was vibrating like crazy. The water was weedy so we figured stuff was wrapped around the props. We ran the engines in reverse and forward a couple of times, to shake it off. From then on she ran fine.

We might be in Bobcaygeon for two nights. Since we got here earlier today (without much of a hassle, thank goodness) we were able to get the shopping we wanted to do out of the way. I wanted a pair of sandals, so folks told me this town had one of the best shoe stores on the Trent-Severn, Bigley. That wasn't some Trump joke, that is the name, Bigley.

Not just boats on the water.
Russ took a run, which he hadn't done in a while, then we bought an electric bike for me. It folds up, just like the other one I currently have. It should be easier on my knees. Took a ride in the afternoon -- I confess, it feels like cheating.

The dogs have vet appointments in the morning, which is another reason we're staying here. If it goes well, and we get antsy, we might just keep-a-goin'. 

Dog update: Both are doing well. The vet appointment is largely just a check up given the events. Lizzie's skin thing was, indeed, cancer. So, we have to watch. Savannah seems to be doing really well.

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