Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Trent-Severn Lock 11-12

The last lock we went through yesterday was a double lock. Given we both had a bunch of work to do to get through it, we didn't get much chance for pictures. Today we took a walk back to it and got some shots. We had the good fortune of watching the Kawartha Voyageur go through on her way to Ottawa.

Kawartha Voyageur about to enter the locks.

Looper boats in lock 11, on the bottom

The Kawartha Voyager -- she takes up the
whole thing!
Below is another GoPro vid of us locking. The first one starts at 18 seconds. You'll see us start to leave the lock, stop, and go again. That's because we had trouble getting off the wall. 

The next lock is at 1:15. Again with the starts and stops. The cool lock (11-12) starts at 2:21.

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