Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Kingston to Trenton

Originally, we planned on cutting this day into two pieces, anchoring mid-way, then arriving before noon on Thursday. The dog's vet appointment is at 1:30. But the weather forecasts looked dicey -- some said rain, some said storms, all said a bit windy. Rather than risk having to let a storm pass and miss the appointment, we decided to make a long day of it. Haven't had long one in a while.

Leaving Kingston
We left Kingston around 7:30 am, and arrived in Trenton around 3.  Kind of a twisty ride along the Quinte Bay, and the last hour was a bit windy (gusts near 20 mph), but a wonderful trip otherwise. Warm, hazy, nice waters. A great day to be on a boat for 8 hours.

As soon as we arrived Russ contacted the detailer to let him know we made it earlier than anticipated. The boat needs a polishing. He's to start early tomorrow morning.

Trenton is a bit of a surprise. After Gananoque and Kingston, both thriving little towns with a main street full of eateries and shops, Trenton has vacancies and boarded up store fronts. Their marina, on the other hand, is stunning. Large and landscaped grounds, enormous bathrooms, and free laundry facilities. (Free!!!)

Canadian Air Force doing "touch and go"s
High water here, too, although not as bad. It's amazing what a frustration that has been. People here are angry, wanting more of it to get through the locks along the St. Lawrence River to get out too the ocean, which apparently is something that can be done. Trouble is, the water is already high there too. We ran into boaters who are stuck in Kingston. They planned on going down river and through those locks, out to the Atlantic, and down along Maine (folk call it the "down east" loop). Their boat, a Nordic Tug named Alamo, does about 7 knots. The waters near the docks are flowing 10 to 12 knots. While they'd make crazy good time heading out, if anything went wrong and they need to stop or turn around, they could never overtake the current. So they sit and wait. They may have to join the rest of us and do the Great Loop, just to move on.

Lovely waters.
The two white dots are two other boats we are traveling
with today, As You Wish and United 771.

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