Thursday, August 1, 2019

Random musings

Big weekend coming up. This Monday will be a statutory holiday in Ontario, called Civic Holiday. Some have explained it to us as a banker's holiday. The rest of Canada doesn't celebrate it as far as I know, but here we're expecting lots of boaters to add to the weekend travel.

We'll head out tomorrow, but I've taken some pictures that didn't fit into the blog earlier. So, random musings...

This is not really a railroad car. It's a cottage. One of many we've seen along the Trent Severn. To it's right was a very large house. I think this is just "the guest house." No idea why it's a caboose.

This boat is heading to the Big Chute. It's not uncommon to see house boats in these parts, but if you take a closer look you'll realize it is literally an RV on a barge. Hey. Whatever works.

This is an interesting behavior I've noticed in Canadian pubs. Note the tumblers. In fact, they are the beers we ordered. Pubs serve whatever drink you order in that very tumbler. In America, you get whatever tumbler the bartender picked up. You're Guinness could be served in a Budweiser glass. We just don't care. Here, they clearly do.

Dawn in Midland. Gotta say, boat life has made we witness more dawns than ever before in my life. It's not a mandatory part of boating, getting up before the sun. It just seems to happen that way for us.

Given the Bayport Marina we're staying at is a mile from town, I've gotten great us of my new electric bike. Today, Russ took his bike to Walmart. I met him at a pancake play about 3 miles from the boat, and I swear I felt like it was all uphill. From there, he went home and I went to a grocery store another 3 miles or so away. All uphill. Thank goodness for the eBike! Returning to the boat I got this view. And a really nice long downhill run.

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