Saturday, August 31, 2019

Petoskey to Frankfort

Tried to get to Leland, but they had no room. Labor Day, donchano. Thus the long trek here.

The red bits along the travel line indicate 10 knots or more. We traveled a bit faster today to make the time shorter. I did it for the dogs, you know, who aren't fond of very long days.

Not a great day, but not a bad day either. When we left the water wasn't choppy, exactly, but it wasn't swells either. Kind of a choppy-swell. Around 2 feet or less in the Little Traverse Bay, but down to less than 1 foot in a couple of hours. Our biggest grumble was the temp -- we left in 51 degree weather. It only ever got to about 64 on the water.

Sleeping Bear Dunes
Lots of sand dunes on this part of the journey. The Sleeping Bear Dunes are a sight from the water. Probably worth investigating in the future.

Depth on the crossing, nearly 500 ft!
Besides the occasional fishing boat waking us, the trip was good. 

Now, however, I need to sleep. Which might be a challenge; there are predictions that we might see northern lights tonight. 

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