Thursday, August 15, 2019

Collins Inlet to Killarney, via Covered Portage

Turns out, yesterday's anchorage, while quiet, wasn't "the best". The winds were a little strong, not bad, but made outtings less fun. The islands were spaced, which meant a LOT of kayaking. Jesse was out for three hours, and he enjoyed the trip. He brought back some wild blueberries, which we put to use today.

And where do I put the boat???
However, it was worth the stay for the trip today. We continued on Collins Inlet, and the views were just jaw-dropping. The high rocky passage was awesome by itself, but there was zero wind. That meant that the water had a mirror-like reflection to them. When the canyon was it's narrowest, that made piloting tricky. Usually you can see sky, earth, and water. Today I could only see sky and earth. I had to pilot on instruments to know exactly where to go.

AGLCA LOOPERS! Do not miss this part of the journey. It became our #1 highlight of the trip to date. 

Mirror reflection
The plan had been to go to Killarney from there, then off Covered Portage. But that is only a few miles away. John had the brilliant idea of going there first, then coming back to Killarney. That's what we did.

Covered Portage is a little bay surrounded by high walls. The big thing to do there is park your boat, then take the little hike up the cliffs. The money shot is looking down on your vessel from the hill top.

Oh, yeah. Worth it.

Wee little Cat-n-Dogs on the water.

Click the pic if you can't read it.

He's right here!

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