Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Britt to Bad River

Yesterday, starting around noon, there were all sorts of high wind warnings for today. When we picked up Jesse (the marina had a courtesy car, thank goodness), we warned him that he might be spending a fair bit of time right here. I found a new website (https://weather.gc.ca/marine/forecast_e.html?mapID=10&siteID=055000) that showed all red indicating bad winds on Huron and Georgian Bay. By the time we went to bed, however, it changed it's mind --high-ish winds but nothing to worry your pretty little nautical head over! The water, it claimed, would still be a bit brusk at .5 meter wave height (for those of us addicted to the imperial tables, that's 1.5 feet, which could mean the occasional 3).

Russ and Jesse on the Bad River.
Which isn't so bad.
When we got up the winds were totally calm. We decided to take the newbie out right away, before the weather changed its mind. We made a run to the Bustards, a set of islands just offshore. With the dinghy now secured to the bow we could rev the engines a bit. We made the crossing at 9.5 knots, which is quick for us.

As we searched for a place to anchor Russ noticed that it was a short run to Bad River. More importantly, it was the last "open water" run until we got to the North Channel. Given the schizophrenic weather of late, we decided to take it while the gettin' was good.

By the way, the water to Bustards was maybe a foot. From there to Bad River, around 6. Inches.

Sunrise and shadows

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