Monday, August 5, 2019

Fry Pan Bay to 12 Mile Bay

Oh, internet, how I love you.

It's still a holiday here in Ontario. Some folks have already left for home, others took this day too and make it a 5 day weekend. The number of folks still out showed on the ride over. Parades of boats passed us. In both directions.

We could have take the more direct route here, traveling outside. But we selected a couple of "scenic" options for the variety. 

Cooler these days -- highs in the 70s.

Network here is good, so there's a mix of pictures from the voyage here and the anchorage in Fry Pan.

Being a national park, the Beausoleil island had lots of nifty trails. 
Fairy Lake, Beausoleil Island

Russ joined the crazy Canadians in a dip.

Most of travel today was like this --
find the channel between the rocks.

Following other boats through the rocky islands.
Hard right ahead.

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  1. I bet that water was nothing as pleasant 💦 iaa your Vegas pool? Imagine water-airplane landing next to Cat-n-Dogs! Russ how’s the hand?


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