Tuesday, August 6, 2019

12 Mile Bay to Henry's to Echo Bay

When we first got the boat we had ideas of taking a trip to some restaurant, docking, eating there, then heading along. That really hasn't happened much. Largely because the whole docking thing was yet another opportunity to damage the boat, the dock, or someone else's boat. Not so much these days, after all the locks and town walls we've sidled up next to, docking for a bite seems rather fun. So we did. Besides. We'd been "camping" for the last 4 days. I needed someone else to do the cooking and the dishes.

Henry's is a looper favorite. It's on a tiny island, Fryingpan Island, has a wonderful dock complete with folks to help get you tied in. It's also a favorite seaplane destination -- apparently they run a little like a taxi service out here for those who vacation on the little islands.

Afterwards, we continued to Echo Bay where we anchored for the night.

As we approached Henry's, a seaplane landed next to us.
Pic courtesy of Martha Babinski -- thank you!
We did get a bit of a rude awakening, somewhat gentle, but rude nonetheless. We had a rain storm come through this morning. When it passed it left some turbulent seas and winds. We did a little open water crossing to get to Henry's. While it was only 2 foot swells and some chop, it was enough to remind us that we needed to be uber-diligent about watching the weather. That will be life, I'm afraid, until we get to Chicago.
Henry's Seafood Restaurant.

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