Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Echo Bay to Parry Sound

This was the first time we tried "medmooring" (or Mediterranean mooring) is when you drop an anchor facing the center of the lake or lagoon, then backup. Using a dinghy you get another line from your stern attached to a tree or rock. That eliminates any swing. In Canada the parks have provided anchor pitons for this purpose. Makes it easier to get 20 boats in a smaller space.

When we went to sleep last night we planned on doubling back on our route and anchoring near a waterfall. At docktails last night some folks raved about it. And we had time to kill, since we weren't due to be in Parry Sound until Sunday.

We planned on meeting Russ's son, Jesse, in Parry Sound, travel a week with him and get to Little Current, where he'd bus back to Toronto. But we took a quick glance at the weather next week, and if it was like the weather this week, we'd need a a day or two to duck out of wind and rain. And that make the schedule very tight.

The anchorage in Echo Bay.
Lots of rafting, lots of Medmooring.
Adjusting things a bit we moved his pick-up location to Britt, which should take us a couple of days to get to from here. That way, we can dawdle or hide if we need to. Besides, after being on the hook for five nights we seriously needed to provision. Okay. We needed beer.

There are two routes to Parry Sound; the safe route and the scenic route. We opted for the scenic route. 

It did not disappoint.

Lots of little boats are still out and about, zipping by at high speeds, and casting wakes without a care. Someone apologized for the "Canadian boaters." They explained that this would be the busiest month, everyone taking advantage of the warm weather before the kids have to get back to school. Makes sense -- Canadians have to get their boating in while they can. Soon it will all be frozen over.

Had to wait for this swing bridge. It opens on the hour, only.

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