Sunday, August 11, 2019

Snug Harbor to Hopewell Bay

Dinghy update: turns out our rig wasn't the flaw. We lost a key piece of hardware, the shackle the rope rung through that holds up the arm.

Our davit has four arms; The top two have motors attached to them. These either lift the pudgy out of the water or lower it into it. The bottom are designed to be hoisted by rope to support the dinghy form beneath it. (And since we have a new, shorter dinghy, that's where we slung some netting.) Bringing these up are done by hand; a rope is attached on the end with a shackle, and we haul on a rope that runs through a pulley which lifts the arm, then we tie it off. Turns out, one of these shackles was missing. Which meant that the arm really wasn't supporting the boat anymore. Thus the bouncing.

It's always friggin' something. At least it wasn't our understanding of physics.

The place is picturesque. Blue sky, blue water,
... little yellow dinghy
That discovered and (somewhat) fixed we tried to make the run to Britt today. Once we got outside, however, we were hit with 2 - 3 foot waves on a 3 second interval. And it didn't look like it was going to get better. So was flipped around (a small challenge in turbulent waves) and headed to an anchorage. We're only a couple of hours away from Britt, but it looked like some un-fun water time.

The weather reports are more favorable tomorrow so we'll try again. We know that the bus Jesse is taking has this location as a stop, so he can join us here if need be. 

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