Saturday, August 3, 2019

Midland to Fry Pan Bay

Network is sketchy here. This post is a couple of days old...

With a big holiday weekend coming we had two choices: Go far to get away from crowds, or leave early to get a good parking spot. We chose the latter.

It was only 11 miles to Fry Pan Bay. Getting here involved a little weaving between small islands and rocky mounds jutting out from the surface. But we managed quite well. The only issue was getting severely waked by a boat. Bozos.

Once here we ran into Columba, fellow loopers in a sail boat. When we first met Harold and Deb we were all doing the Big Chute. Their mast was down then. Now it's up, and will be until they get to Chicago. 

We anchored next to them, just a couple hundred feet from the dingy dock. They are brandy-new at this looping thing, starting just one week ago. I kinda feel like the "old salts" talking to them. We had them over this evening for some docktails.

Fry Pan Bay is on the north side of a large Canadian Park, Beausoleil Island. This is a major holiday spot for boaters. The island itself has lots of dingy docks and hiking trails. There's even a ferry that comes and goes from here.

There are more pics but the network is lousy. Just getting the map up was a Herculian effort. We might move, just to get a network again.

Oh, and bears. The island has bears.

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