Saturday, August 17, 2019

Baie Fine to The Benjamins

Pic from Peter Christy, who's watching over us.
Thank you!
This is the last night for Jesse. We drop him off in Spanish tomorrow.

We woke to a rainy morning, which held back until we'd walked the dogs, thankfully. We had no network so we had no idea what the weather was like once we left the bay. It almost didn't matter. We needed to get going.

Russ watching for rocks. Tricky part, right here.
Rain came and went as we retraced our way out of Baie Fine and headed to Little Current. Originally we were going to stop here. It's too bad that didn't work out -- the town looks pretty neat. Once the bridge opened around 11 am we continued to the Benjamins.

As we traveled we discussed whether to stop in the islands (one last anchor for Jess to swim and kayak) or just finish a long day at Spanish. Weather was key. The forecasts show everything is calm in the morning, with chances of thunderstorms in the afternoon. We rolled the dice; we're anchored and hoping the predictions are good. Otherwise, could be a bumpy morning.

Bridge at Little Current. Only opens on the hour.
We just anchored, so no drama about it. Faster too, given the long day already. Time to walk dogs and do some paddling.
Rainy Baie Fine. Pic by Martha!

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