Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Meldrum Bay to De Tour Village

We started the day with just a little bit of excitement. While boarding the boat Savannah slipped and fell into the water. Having learned what to do from the last time (in Stuart, FLA) I slacked the leash and let her fall. See, now I have a connection with the swimming pug. I knelt down and scooped her up. She emerged refreshed and ready to start the day. 

We're no back in the US. The state of Michigan, as a matter of fact. Not the mitten part, more the "thrown snow" from the mitten. We checked in to the country via an app called ROAM which enabled us to declare our return with ease. Push the send button and a custom agent gives you a call. I suspect he checks our credit rating, then says, "Welcome to America."

Today was the exactly opposite of yesterday. No boater could have asked for better. Sunny, blue skies, calm winds, and absolutely not a wave to be seen. In fact, I've attached a picture of the water and putting it by the one yesterday. 

Today. More of this.

Yesterday. Less of this.

Got here without a hitch. In fact it was so wonderful that we almost continued to our next stop, Mackinac City. But, sadly, we had a package to pick up here. Which, as it turns out, still hasn't shown up even though the Amazon and UPS sites all say it's been delivered.

Yep. Welcome back to the USA.

Just as we woke a fog came in.
Turns out it dispersed just as quickly.

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