Thursday, August 22, 2019

Mackinac Island

The Mackinaw Bridge
Once again the weather made the decision to travel or not iffy. We watched on Nebo and saw some looper boats head out. One was Tiki Queen. Russ texted them asking how was the water. The response: The water is rough. The first mate is not happy. Don't go if you don't have to.

So we didn't.

That didn't mean no boat rides. I wanted to take one of the terrifying ferries to the island. They go fast, 23 mph!!! Hey, I go less than 10.

While underway I had a conversation with a local. A man who lives on the island all year long (yes, I think that is crazy) just came back from a fishing trip in Boston with friends. He gave us a couple ideas of "must dos." First, visit the fort. Second, eat lunch at the Tea Room in the fort, which has the best view on the island. He listed a couple of other things (governor's mansion, Grand Hotel, buggy rides, walk along West Bluff to see the amazing houses), but we spent a few hours at the fort then headed back. One of the better forts to tour, by the way. We should know. We've seen several on this trip.

Downtown Mackinac Island.
No cars allowed.

The Bark Chapel. The fort is on the hill beyond it.

Pan view from our lunch spot.

On the ferry

Trash pickup on the island.

The marina below. We could have stayed there
but many complain about the ferries waking them.

We ate pizza here. Crazy ambiance. Decent 'za.

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