Sunday, June 23, 2019

Utica to Sylvan Beach

I'm deeming this place to be Crazy Town! We knew it was a beachy town, and we knew they had a boardwalk-type vibe here, and we knew there was some kind of jet ski competition on the lake, and yet -- CRAZY TOWN!

Let's use white letters on a yellow background.
Everyone will be able to read that!
Given what we knew we thought leaving later in the morning (which would get us here later in the afternoon) would make parking easier. That all the weekenders would be, well, ending their week. We arrived around 3:15 pm to an absolute nut fest of boats of every kind going every which way. We parked on the wall away from the haps, since it had space available (no one wants to be away from the haps). But it's very close to the lake, which means we're getting slapped around by wakes and wind. We plan on moving later this evening, if things clear out and calm down.

No adventures today. After topping out at 420 feet through Lock 20, Locks 21 and 22 were both sinking locks for us. We come in at the top, then they let water out of the chamber and we plummet. They do go fast!

Tomorrow will be our first open water crossing since the Hudson Bay, Oneida Lake. The locks on the other side are still closed today, but rumor has it that they'll be open tomorrow.

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