Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Brewerton to Phoenix

Teeny, tiny day. Just 14 miles. We didn't even plan on doing it. Until.

Recall that the Oswego Canal, and the 8 locks therein, were closed. The news came out around 1 pm today that they will be open tomorrow, 7 am. We went around in circles about should we stay another night or get to the next nearest town. Russ even sent text messages to other loopers in Phoenix about space on the walls there. In the end we left.

No particular problems. We went through the last Erie Canal lock, then made that northward turn to head off to Lake Ontario. If all goes well we may cross it Friday, or over the weekend, weather permitting.

Just heart broken I couldn't go back!
I was bummed to leave Brewerton for one reason. Mariachi! That is the only Mexican restaurant in Brewerton (or nearby). When we fueled up I asked the attendant what she recommended for eats. She said Mariachi was surprisingly good. Then I said, "I don't know if I can trust your opinion on Mexican cuisine, being a New Yorker." She said she'd been to the Mission District of San Francisco a number of times while visiting relatives, and Mariachi was worthy.

She was right! In fact, I had the Camarrones Al Mojo De Ajo and I think it was the best ever. Better than Vegas's Lindo Michoacan or SF's Tommy's. And that is sayin' something!

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