Sunday, June 9, 2019

Poughkeepsie to Kingston

Spoiler alert -- nothing dramatic happened today. Nada! It all went like clockwork.

We started the day early only to move our boat to the outside of the marina and park it along the wall. The next destination, Kingston, was only 15 miles away so we didn't need to leave anytime soon, but the tides were slack and we'd free up space should anyone else want it.

Around 10:30 we had brunch with John and Martha of As You Wish at Shadows, the restaurant above the marina. Clearly the place is the place to do Sunday brunch in Poughkeepsie since it was hopping! The food, like the view, was wonderful.

Russ and I took a little nap then headed northward around 1:30. We arrived about two hours later after some wonderful views of Maritis and the Culinary Academy. The Hudson valley continues to impress.

Once we arrive we invited fellow loopers over for some docktails. Everyone brought drinks and some munchies. We swapped stories and shared experiences. A good time was had by all.

The kind of flotsam we're dodging out here!

The Culinary Institute of America.
Yes, you can eat here too.

Shadows marina from the restaurant.

Loopers, loopers, everywhere!

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  1. Sweet...your sound like your really enjoying this now. Hope the good times continues. (Still missing you, though.). 🤓💕 mom


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