Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Kingston to Catskill

While a short day, we left just after some rain. That brought some bluster that we were not expecting. It made for some chop on the river, but added a bit of drama for docking. It all went well, since I'm getting used assessing where-am-I-now and where-do-I-need-to-be and where-is-the-wind/current-taking-me. Guess I'm getting confident.

We got some dramatic pictures on the trip up. The Catskills (the mountains) were quite lovely.

Our visit in Kingston was very productive for us. Since we're getting a new dinghy we needed to unload the old one. In Kingston there is a Maritime Museum and they take donations. So that's what we did. We are currently dinghy-less! There were extremely happy to take our little boat.

We plan on picking up the new little boat in Oswego, in a couple of weeks. It's a Portland Pudgy, supposedly unsinkable. I want to name it "Pudgy Pug."

On the wall at Kingson, NY

Glasco. Cute little town from the river.

Eyes on the water, Captain!
Before we started the trip Russ bought a spool of one-inch line from a hardware store that was going out of business. They said it had 300 feet on it. Turned out it was 600. We only needed 300, of which Russ made two lines for the BIG anchor (we have yet to use but plan on trying it out in the next week or so). We've been schlepping the other 300 all this time. While at our docktails Russ mentioned the extra line, and as luck would have it, the folks of Patriot, a 54 foot vessel, needed 300 feet of one-inch line. SERENDIPITY!

I love it when all the puzzle pieces just fall into place.

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