Thursday, June 6, 2019

Not-so-lazy lazy days

The Half Moon Bay Marina
Now that we're on the Hudson we've taken a couple of days to just, well, do nothing. Not exactly nothing, really. Russ changed the engine oil (both engines), we went back to New York by train (a 45 minute ride that was quite lovely), ordered a new dinghy (that will meet us up river somewhere),... stuff like that.

We have reason to pause. Up river there's been a bunch of loopers not moving. They are (or recently were) waiting for the waterways to Lake Champlain to open. Due to high waters, which made the locks there troublesome, authorities have kept the waterway closed. That meant us boats down south might have trouble finding spaces to stay given the backup. It opened just yesterday. We think within the next few days everyone will move along.

Times Square
Another reason to bide our time is the aforementioned dinghy, which needs a couple of weeks to reach a destination. Russ coordinated with the manufacturer on Oswego (I think). That isn't far away.

The Hudson River Valley is beautiful. No reason to rush that.
But mainly, we're out of the "run when the weather is good" pattern we've been in since we left Norfolk. All that open water (Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, Atlantic Ocean) made travel a must on beautiful days. Given the smaller water, we can go when it's a bit windy or rainy, and enjoy the nice weather at a location for a change.

The Ed Sullivan Theater where they live-tape
one of my favorite shows... COLBERT!
(not that I've watched it of late -- we have no TV)
Grand Central Station, where the train takes you.
The oyster restaurant in GCS.


  1. Love the picture of you and Russ in Times Square. You should have tried to see Colbert! We know he is a favorite of yours. Enjoy! Mom


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