Sunday, June 16, 2019

Rainy day

After we hemmed and hawed over breakfast about whether to go or not (eggs and blueberry pancakes, second time in two days!) we decided to stay another day. It's rainy. Only that, not windy and not particularly cold. If we were just traveling, we would have done it today. But! We're on the Erie Canal now and ahead of us are locks, six of them, between Waterford and Scotia, our next stop. Locking in the rain means standing outside and holding soggy ropes. They aren't quick, either. Frankly, not too appealing. One of the biggest reasons TO go was the lack of traffic. We would have had the canal to ourselves, which meant they'd likely to have the locks open and waiting for us.

But we stayed. We did get another round of chores done. Russ changed the oil in the engine drives (like a transmission), while I did laundry, which seems an endless task.

Wet day, wet dogs, wet paw prints on the floors. I'll have to clean those one of these days.

Under the bridge you'll see these. Legacy footprints
of horse and human, like those that pulled
barges through the canal way back when.

Russ and me yesterday, when it was sunny.

Still shot from the security cams at Waterford.
I'm to the right of the light post, and Russ is seated next to me.

Russ filling our water tank.

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