Monday, June 3, 2019

New York City!

After the long journey here we decided we'd spend a couple of days in New York. The first day we spent here on Staten Island. Largely for the dogs. When we travel we tend to keep them below deck so they can't do anything stupid resulting in a "man overboard" exercise. But it was a really long day, so they were left alone for quite a while. Then we went out to eat because we were starving, leaving them again. So yesterday was pug day. 

Today we went to the big city. We took the express bus there which dropped us off at Battery Park. From there we went to the 911 Memorial, which was very sobering. Then did some walking, some subway riding, some bagel eating, more walking through Central Park, then more subway riding, some shopping, and back on the bus. Over 25,000 steps, according to the FitBit.

There's more I'd like to do. Getting to the city will be easier from the next marina, Half Moon Bay. We're headed there tomorrow.

While at my computer, I notice this interloper on my fly deck.
Russ is patching up the dinghy.
We think it floats now...
Sunrise at Great Kills Yacht Club. What a name!
This made me laugh. Watch for the gopher on the fence!

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