Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Catskill to Shady Harbor

It was a last minute decision to go today; Catskill was a cute little town and worth more time. Weather made us choose. Today was a lovely 76 degree and sunny day, tomorrow's high would be only 60 and rainy. So, we "go." Another 2 hour day.

It would have been an easy ride to get us all the way up to Waterford, just past Albany, where we'll make the turn westward onto the Erie Canal. But this little marina on the Hudson gets a lot of hype. All that's here is a nifty marina and a restaurant. Rumor has it that the owners built the kind of marina they'd like to stop at. The place has lots of space, nice floating docks, a heated pool, bathhouses, ship store, dry dock, repair sheds, bocce ball courts, horseshoe lanes, picnic tables, bean bag toss -- the works, and all on groomed lawns and landscaped grounds. Worth the stop, methinks.

Besides, all these quick days gets me lots of docking and undocking practice. 

In Catskill.

The Shady Harbor Marina. We're just behind that
big boat...


  1. That “bean bag toss” to which you refer to is... Cornhole! (And that must be why Herb is still there... is he the reigning Cornhole champion and doesn’t want to leave??)

  2. It was great to see you in Catskill after passing you down in the Carolinas! Enjoy Shady, make Brian buy you a Little Beer, and if you see the crew from Eight Days A Week (Mainship with blue canvas at the south end of the dock) be sure to introduce yourselves. Some of our favorite people on the planet. See you out there...

    -The OLOH Crew


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