Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Staten Island to Croton-On-Hudson

This was the big photo op day all loopers look forward to: Your boat and the Statue of Liberty.

Ta Da!
To accomplish this takes a bit of coordination and at least one buddy boat. There were four of us. We decided to travel together from Great Kills Yacht Club to Lady Liberty, a journey of about 90 minutes. From there we'd all circle in the morning light, taking pics of each other.

Sounds easy, don't it. Keep in mind, this is the New York City Harbor, and the hour was about 8:30 am at this point. Which meant we were dodging commuter ferries and commercial traffic coming at us from all angles the entire time. Certainly a different kind of crazy from what we're all used to. We did manage. Everyone got a money shot!

From there we all headed north. As You Wish, Avalon, and ourselves headed up the Hudson another couple of hours to Croton-On-Hudson. We plan on staying here another couple of days and do more touristy things. One of which is take the train back to the city for another day out. Possibly rent a car and run some errands.

Errands outstanding include getting a protective strip for the dinghy (now that it's patched we'd like to protect it until we can get a new little boat). Another is get a foot pump to blow up my new inflatable kayak!

The skyline from the harbor

Quick, lean out and CLICK
The Palisades
Vitamin Sea following us up the Hudson
Ellis Island

Sing Sing

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