Friday, June 21, 2019

Staying a day in Little Falls

The first day of summer, and despite the dry evening when we all went to bed last night we knew it would be rainy (at least in the morning). We decided we'd stay a day here. This gave us some time to a number of chores (such is boat life -- there's always something that needs to be done) as well as time our arrival to Oswego, where we're meeting our new dinghy. Short delay in shipping, so no reason to be there sooner. 

The As You Wish crew (thank you, Martha!) sent some wonderful photos from yesterday. They clearly show the guillotine-style gate of Lock 17 and what a rainy day it was.

Soggy weather
Lock 17. Two boats are in, the 3rd took the shot.

What it's like in a lock.
Note Russ in his rain gear.

Last turn before Little Falls.

As the day progressed, the situation got worse on the canal. First only lock 18 and 19 were closed. Then all the locks down to 8 were closed. Later still, all the locks along the canal and up to Oswego were closed. 

By the time we went to bed, however, the next few locks above us were opened. At least we'll be able to progress just a bit tomorrow.

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